Friday, April 1, 2011


We read Busy, Buzzy Bee in our reading series, this week. We played literacy games with a bee theme. We wrote an informational book about bees. Our guest speaker was a former teacher who wrote Honey Bee, Where Are You?, a book about honey bees. Ms. Scott is also a beekeeper. She shared information about why bees are important, theories about why honey bees are disappearing, and how we can help restore the honey bee population. The students were very attentive and shared what we've learned about honey bees. They were also able to recall information that they learned from her.

After Ms. Scott's visit, we are planning our next Project-Based Learning activity. Our school has a garden area that is ready for some little eager gardeners. Our next science unit just happens to be plants.

Ms. Scott was too kind. She donated 20% of her book sales from today to our school. I can not thank her enough. I elected to donate the money to the Book Club.

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