Friday, July 22, 2011

By the Campfire

This week was Camping Week at the Learning Center.  I read Danny and the Dinosaur go to Camp.  The students sat by a campfire made of painted paper towel rolls, tissue paper and flame-less candles. You can't see the glow from the candles in the picture, but it's there. :)  We sang, Did You Ever Go A-Camping.  The students sang a song that they learned about playing with matches.   Then we did a sink and float experiment to connect with the boat rides in the story.  Next we did leaf rubbings.

Finally, the students went into a tent, that was set up in another room.  The director's daughter held a flashlight while I held up different die-cuts.  The students looked at shadows to identify the animals or objects, and told me if it was something they might see on a camping trip.  A train and a turkey were the only things that the students said they would not see on a camping trip. I explained that it is possible to see a turkey these days. Around here we're almost as likely to see a turkey as we are to see a deer. We talked about how we would not like to see a skunk, a bear, or a snake.  I told them that I would not like to see a caterpillar either.  The students also identified a cat, a mouse, and two different types of leaves.

I left them with some Trail Mix for snack.  I was a little nervous about S'mores.  Earlier in the week they sat around another pretend campfire with pretend marshmallows (cotton balls on sticks). I've never done a camping theme, so this was a challenge for me.

Next week will be my last time with them.  The theme will be frogs and pond life.  I have a few ideas in mind, but I will take some suggestions.

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