Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Projects

We had fun creating movies, slide shows, and display boards as part of our Thanksgiving project.  The students randomly picked Pilgrims, Indians, and Children.  Their job was to learn as much about these first Thanksgiving participants as possible.  Then they randomly picked a presentation method.  Students used xtranormal to present information about Pilgrims.  Another group of students made a slide show about Native Americans.    The final group made a display board about the chores that Pilgrim and Indian Children did.  They presented the information to the class on the last day before Thanksgiving break.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who Took The Cookies?

After reading Who Took the Cookies?, we made our own version of the book. My goal was integrate writing and math. The students drew 12 cookies in the cookie jar. They picked a card with a number from 1-12 and crossed out that many cookies. To act it out, the students took the same amount of construction paper cookies from a "cookie jar", and counted what was left. Then they were able to write a number sentence and story problem. Some students used the number words in their story problems.

 Crumb Snatcher

I assembled the book in order from 1-12. A picture of each child taking the cookies from the jar was placed on their page. I had to have it for evidence ;) The class picture was on the last page. Of course we had cookies and milk for snack.

So Tempting!

Trying to Wipe Away the Evidence

My first project was funded. I'm so excited. We can't wait to use our new 4-position listening center.