Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Get A Job, Chicken Little!

I am still here!  Grad school, Book Fair, Disney, Testing, Inventory, and a Leadership Institute have kept me busy, busy, busy.

One of my favorite things that I do is collaborate with the other specialists.  We did a Career unit after realizing that students really do not know enough about careers.  The art teacher helped students explore careers that involve art.  They also learned about some famous artists.  The music teacher and PE teacher also explored careers in their fields. We explored a variety of careers in the library. We made an ABC book and a "When I Grow Up" book about careers.
When I Grow Up

The most awesome thing we did, was produce a career program for PTA night.  The kindergarteners did a Community Workers skit.  The first graders did a Career Day skit.  Originally, I wanted each grade level to do an adaptation of a fairy tale.  I wanted lumberjacks, construction workers, masons, interior decorators, and insurance adjusters to be new characters in The Three Little Pigs.  You get the idea.  All the snow days made planning difficult.  I insisted that we do at least one fairy tale with a fox in it.  I think you see where this is going.  The second graders did Get a Job, Chicken Little.  Okay!  I modified a skit that I bought on Teachers Pay Teachers

Chicken Little was a pizza delivery person, Henny Penny was a florist, Ducky Lucky was a landscaper, Goosey Loosey was a farmer, Turkey Lurkey was a billboard installer, and Foxy Loxy was a police officer. While delivering pizza to the school secretary, "something" fell on Chicken Little's head.  She needed to let the mayor know.  As she is joined by the other characters, they get pulled over by Foxy Loxy.   The principal came in at the end as the mayor.  The program ended with the cast and audience dancing to "What Does the Fox Say?"

Each specialist contributed to the program.  The music teacher provided music and songs.  The art teacher made most of the props.  The PE teacher taught the dance to every grade level.  I became a screenwriter and editor for a few weeks.  Each specialist played the role of director at some point. The students amazed us by learning the songs and lines in such a short time.  The only disappointment is that nobody recorded the program.