Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Math Work Stations Chapter 7

Reflecting on my past years, I can say that my geometry stations address a variety of geometry goals.  Students sorted real 3D shapes, built designs with pattern blocks, played games where they had to identify and recognize 3D and plane shapes, and made books about shapes.  I need to include symmetry, positional words and geoboards in my stations.  After reading Math Work Stations..., I realize that I should be making sure that students are using the vocabulary.  One way is to create anchor charts with the students. 

A favorite geometry station for my students in the past is making pictures with pattern blocks.  Sometimes it was in the form of a puzzle.  This was a little frustrating for some students, but they felt a sense of accomplishment when they completed a puzzle.  Other activities allowed students to create their own picture.

This activity was found at Fun to Teach and Learn.  We integrated math with one of our reading series stories.  Students had to record how many of each shape they used, and then write an adventure about their robot.

Scroll almost to the end.  Under Enrichment Activities is shapes.  You'll see Pattern Block Robot/Robot Response Sheet.