Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twas the Week Before Christmas Break

I had so many plans for our last full week of school before the Winter Break.  One day I had to go to a workshop, and we missed two days because of snow and ice.  That means we had to eliminate some of our projects.
We were working on graphing last week.  I introduced another way for collecting data with a Gingerbread Glyph.  The students had so much fun with this, we will do a snowman glyph when we go back to school.
 Although we didn't get to finish our reindeer study, we still enjoyed reading and watching Prancer.  The students received a "parting gift" of Magic Reindeer Food.
A Basket of Magic Reindeer Food and Pattern Block Reindeer (It does have a face and antlers-LOL!)
Recipes by parents and students were published to make Christmas gifts.  Pictures of the students were featured on the cover of each cookbook.  I hope the recipients will enjoy this funny and useful cookbook.
Look Out Paula Deen