Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Blow a Bubble

We had so much fun with this writing activity which I got from Lesson Plan SOS's  TPT store. Of course we got to chew gum each day as we worked on our writing.  I'm not sure which part was the most fun; chewing gum or making our self-portraits.

Monday, May 23, 2011

SMART Cookies

With EOG's (End-of-Grades) upon us, each K-2 classroom adopted a 3-5 classroom.  We made banners, cards, and/or treats for our adopted classroom.  Last year, we made "Smartie Pants" for our 4th grade Reading Buddies.  This year I bought some homemade cookies and attached a little motivational acronym quote. I found the quote online.  We used the same quote to make a banner for their pep rally.  Each day, the test-takers will get energized by walking or running the track.  We will cheer for them.

Here is the quote:

Be a

Spend your time wisely.

Mark the best answer choice.

Always do your best.

Recheck your work.

Think positively.