Monday, May 23, 2011

SMART Cookies

With EOG's (End-of-Grades) upon us, each K-2 classroom adopted a 3-5 classroom.  We made banners, cards, and/or treats for our adopted classroom.  Last year, we made "Smartie Pants" for our 4th grade Reading Buddies.  This year I bought some homemade cookies and attached a little motivational acronym quote. I found the quote online.  We used the same quote to make a banner for their pep rally.  Each day, the test-takers will get energized by walking or running the track.  We will cheer for them.

Here is the quote:

Be a

Spend your time wisely.

Mark the best answer choice.

Always do your best.

Recheck your work.

Think positively.


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