Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Great Mail Race

Since I'm fairly new to the blog world, this is probably old news for you.  A teacher in Ohio sent a questionnaire for the Great Mail Race to a 1st grade class at our school.  I was the lucky 1st grade teacher to get the letter, but I got the other 1st grade classes involved.  I am in charge of planning for science and social studies. 

The questionnaire asked questions about our school, city, and state.  We were asked to send a picture of our class.  Students were encouraged to write to other 1st grade classes in other states, enclose a completed questionnaire, a blank questionnaire, and a class picture.  We asked that they send us a completed questionnaire and class picture.  The goal was to receive responses from every state.  We have a small 1st grade group this year, so we didn't send letters to every state. 

See what we have received so far.
Most recently, we received a whole packet of interesting information from Idaho.  It was evident that the students did a class book about their state.  I was thrilled to see how the teacher turned the project into an integrated lesson/project.

We also participated in the Symbolic Monarch Migration through Journey North. We thought about changing the title of our hallway bulletin board, and tracking our letters from that project too.  We are tracking the butterflies online.  So far our butterflies have not been "sighted".

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