Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mrs. Dillard's Linky Party: Classroom Jobs

For the past 2 years, I've had a Hollywood theme.  Everyone had a job.  I was the Executive Producer. ;)

Director: Assisted by running errands, and made sure everyone else did their jobs.
Manager: Calendar and Lunch Count
Leading Man/Lady: Line Leader- The specialists liked this. LOL!
Supporting Actor/Actress: Door Holder
Ushers: Monitors (Girl and Boy)- Could be door holders
Stage Crew: Table Washers (2) and other clean-up
Publicist: Greeter (Also reported news from specials)
Script Supervisor: Checked the attendance board, put the next day's lunch menu on the board, and made sure the attendance board was ready for the next day
Props: Passed out materials (2)(could also handle playground equipment)
Lighting Director: Turned the lights and projector off when we left the room
Stand-in: Substituted when a helper was absent

Other jobs could be: Mixer/Trainer: start the CD for exercise/ lead exercises, Technical Director: Help students get into AR or onto a specific website, and Make-up: make sure absent students have make-up work.

You can see how small my class was.  The header for the jobs board and the job cards came from Teachers Clubhouse.  They have other themes and products.

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