Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pinning and Doing

After long hours of pinning, I felt it was time to start doing something about my addiction.  Here are some re-do's.
This really isn't  a repin, but I re-purposed this metal bookcase, that was taking up space at my Mama and Daddy's house.

I spray-painted the bookcase.  It's now my Math Work Station storage.  Right now I have 6 tubs, but I will be able to add 3 more stations if I need to.  Students will be able to use the back as a magnetic board.

Here's the first idea that I re-did from Pinterest.  I found some Legos-type Building Blocks at The Christmas Tree Shoppe for $1.99.  I bought two sets, but I think I'll get more.  You'll find other uses and manipulatives at; Filth Wizardry
Back to ?

I bought four party trays at The Dollar Tree a few weeks ago.  I had no idea how I would use them.  Then this morning, there it was.  This coin sorting activity would have been very useful this past year.  I will use the other three trays for other sorting activities. This idea originally came from;  Growing in Pre K
Coin Sorting Tray

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