Sunday, September 4, 2011

Data Notebooks

This year my students will keep a data notebook.  Hopefully by tracking their progress, they will set goals and try to obtain their goals. It's more like a portfolio, because samples of their work will be put in the notebook too.  I will keep state and county tests in a different location.

This tool will also be helpful during parent-teacher conferences.  I also plan to use them for student conferences. In the past students never saw their growth.  This year with a Garden Theme, I felt like it was important for students to see their growth, and reflect on how to improve.  At the end of the grading period, students will take the samples home.  At the end of the school year, they will take the data forms home.

As a class, we came up with some classroom rules and mission statement.  The most important rule is, "Listen".  Our mission statement is short and to the point. 

Our mission is to learn, have fun, and stay safe.
Cover of the Notebook 

Our Classroom Mission Statement and Rules
Writing Data and Goal Setting
Reading Data and Goal Setting
Michelle Oakes at Fabulous in First provided the inspiration for our data notebooks. 

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  1. Will you post the templates you used in your data notebook? Thanks