Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Book Project

Students always seem to go beyond expectations when families are involved.  My goal for this year was to have "Family Involvement" projects each month.  I started late last year, but this year is off to a good start.  Clutter Free Classroom provided the guide for making this project a success. Check it out on Teachers Pay Teachers.

The students received a condensed packet of instructions and activity sheets about two weeks ago.  They were encouraged to use the blueprint to plan.  Then they were able to request some of the supplies from me or the art teacher.  Since conferences were taking place, parents were able to ask questions about the project.  I was also able to show them some examples that my teammate and I had done with our families.

Cats and dogs were popular characters this year. There was a Cat in the Hat, Lion King, and the cat from Pumpkin Eye,  We saw two Clifford pumpkins, a Biscuit pumpkin, and a RRRalph pumpkin. 

Check out the Library Mouse, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Snowie Rolie.


Between both classes, there were not many "people pumpkins".  I'll add more pictures after our Fall Festival.
Too Cute!!!

Check out the Photo Peach too.

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