Wednesday, June 6, 2012

School's Out for Summer

In Front of Charleston City Market
The students' last day was May 25th.  Teachers' last day was Friday, June 1st.  My sister and I took off to spend the night with my sister in Charlotte, and then the three of us drove to Charleston, SC. I loved our last minute getaway.  We stayed in Kings Courtyard Inn, in historic downtown, Charleston.  We were able to walk everywhere that we wanted to go. We ate at Mercato's, an Italian restaurant, and listened to jazz. Then we went dancing at Henry's/NV.
My Own Room    

The next day, we took a carriage tour, and learned some interesting facts about the history of Charleston and about the buildings and homes.  I must go again and tour the beautiful homes.  I loved the ironwork, shutters, columns, and porches (piazzas as they're called in Charleston).  Notice the red dots on some of  the businesses if you're ever in Charleston.  There were some architectural details that had to be covered, because of their suggestive nature. It is interesting how the houses of ill-repute were in close proximity of the worship houses. Our guide left me wanting to do research about the colors of the houses on Rainbow Row and about Robert Smalls. 

"Magic" leads us through town toward Phillips Episcopal Church

Calhoun Mansion
After our tour, we shopped at Charleston City Market.  I had to buy a small sweet grass basket, when I found out about the history.  One day I'll be able to afford a bigger basket.  The vendors make the baskets themselves.  A few of the vendors were practicing the art while shoppers watched.
Sweet Grass Basket made the vendor's dad

We also rode across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.  I have a fear of bridges, so this picture was challenging for me, especially since we were in a convertible. The bridge has a pedestrian/bike lane.  That's really awesome, but you will not find me in that lane.
Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

Since there are no workshops this summer, I hope to take more "last minute" getaways and read.  I am going to be following the Daily Five Book Study.  I just got my hands on that series that everyone is talking about.  You know the one, Fifty Shades of Grey?  I'm also going to begin a new venture to make extra money.  I'll tell you more about that when I get started. Right now I'm fighting a hateful sinus infection. That makes it hard to imagine a great summer, but I'm determined to have a great summer break.

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