Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Book Fair

I have been busy with grad school, a Holiday program, and my very first Book Fair.  The day after my last class for the semester, the truck arrived with my Book Fair.  In order to prepare for the fair, I showed the preview video, met with the representative (who set up the online Book Fair), made Book Talk QR codes (I wish there was a student voice on the picture that I chose to use for this post), and displayed posters throughout the school.  The Music teacher, Art teacher, PE teacher and I also produced a Holiday program to promote the Book Fair.

Try It!

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I'm in an old school, and the library is in a separate building.   When I heard the truck, the butterflies in my stomach started fluttering like crazy.  Sitting there alone, looking at the cases and boxes, I thought, "how will I ever pull this together?"  I had to recruit help from my sister. The only person who knew anything about setting up the fair was doing the job of two people, due to staff changes, so she was not able to help.  My sister, a kindergarten assistant, and I arranged the book cases and unpacked as many boxes as we could.  I was not happy with the way it was looking.  The next day, three students helped me, until the rep came.  He must set up Book Fairs in his sleep. He helped me fix the things that I was not happy with, and we finished setting up.  He was probably there for about 30 minutes, and we were done.

The Fair was ready for a Teacher Sneak Peek, that afternoon.  The spread included some of +Lisa Shively's Kitchen Helper dips, hot chocolate, and fudge. The Mexican Mambo dip was a hit.  The teachers made their wish lists, chit-chatted , and sampled the treats.  Teachers also entered for a chance to win a Book Fair gift certificate.  The winner was a new teacher.  The students had a sneak preview the next day.  They also made their wish lists.

I don't know what I would have done without my volunteers (two retired teachers and one parent).  The night of the Holiday program was crazy busy.  One of the retired teachers stayed the whole time.  The parent volunteer only planned to pop in, after the program, and leave.  When she saw how busy it was, she stayed.  I met the goal that was already set.

Now that my first Book Fair is out of the way, the Spring Book Fair should be easier.

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