Monday, September 16, 2013

Making Our Mark

This was my first Dot Day.  The students were excited to share ideas about how they could "make a mark" and express themselves creatively.  The art teacher and I collaborated for Dot Day activities. Next year, I hope the PE teacher, music teacher, and guidance counselor will join us.   
Certificate Outside the Art Room

In art, students experimented with primary and secondary colors, negative space, and teamwork.  Their artwork is displayed all around the school.  Students were able to tell me about some of the techniques they used during art. The art teacher read Ish to some of her classes.  One student was able to make a connection about the boy at the end of The Dot.  Since I haven't read Ish, I was glad that she had the opportunity to share her observation.

Negative Space

In the media center, students listened to the story, The Dot and Press Here.  With the help of the app colAR Mix 3D, students colored a dot and watched it spin and bounce around.  Two classes made word clouds, listing ways they can make a mark.  It really clicked with one class when I shared the display board of the Eagle Scout's Project. One student who has been attending our school for five years finally realized the change that took place this summer. He wants to become a Boy Scout so he can make improvements around the school.  One class used Wixie to make their own version of the book, Press Here.  The students had to use creative thinking to make the dots interactive for the reader. 

I love this border.

I am looking forward to celebrating International Dot Day in 2014. Let's Make a Mark every day.

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