Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cleopatra Visits the Reading Oasis

Last year at this time, I was nervous about my first Book Fair.  At the end of the Book Fair I got sick, but had to make sure everything  was packed up and my bookkeeping duties were completed.  This year, I got sick right before the Book Fair was delivered.  I'm pretty sure it's a sinus infection. 

My volunteers this year range in ages from four years old (my grand-daughter) to 50 something.  I paid student volunteers with "Book Fair Bucks" to help me move chairs on the morning that I expected the delivery.  I wasn't positive about the delivery date, so I let my adult volunteers know to be on stand by.  The first shift of helpers were kindergartners and 1st graders.  They were so excited and so cute.  The last shift were fourth graders.  They were able to see how excited the librarian gets when that truck with Clifford on the side, pulls into the parking lot.

Two of My Wonderful Volunteers
When I pressed send on my phone, my adult volunteers sprang into action quickly.  Setting up the Book Fair this time went so much faster than last year.  The first two days of the Book Fair were pretty slow.  My volunteers didn't see much action until the first Family Event.  That is also when Cleopatra made an appearance to promote the Book Fair's theme. One volunteer had fun building a pyramid with the Book Fair's bestseller.  I apologize for the quality of the picture.  My four-year old volunteer is better at putting books in the bags than she is at photography.  I can't even begin to thank my wonderful volunteers enough. 
Cleopatra in Front a Pyramid of Popular Books
Cleopatra will be joined by Santa Claus for the Family Event on Thursday. 

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