Sunday, April 6, 2014

Where in the World Have We Been?

Our third graders read Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  We talked about what we would do and where we would go if we were flat.  I showed them some of the adventures of Flat Stanley that other students were able to witness.  The students decided to make flat versions of themselves, using the Cricut Everyday Paper Doll cartridge.  The students named the paper dolls after themselves. We had Flat Danny, Flat Amy, Flat Joey, etc.  They turned out so cute.
Playing With Paper Dolls
Flat Friends

Some students were able to get addresses of family members or friends.  We found addresses for some famous people. I also enlisted the help of some of my family and friends for the students who did not get addresses.   
This Flat Friend visited the White House.
We all got treats from Sweden.
The President told students that reading, writing, and math are important in his job and in other jobs.  He encouraged them to be curious and learn as much as they can.  We were thrilled to get a sealed letter from the President.

A friend of mine who lives in Sweden, sent our Flat Friend back in a big box along with postcards, flags, candy, chocolate, kronor, and other souvenirs. She also emailed me a slide show.  We learned that the students learn English in elementary school.  We also learned that a krona is equal to 15 cents.  Each student got a krona, some candy and chocolate.  I wanted to keep the chocolate for myself.  Our Flat Friend was not dressed for the weather in Sweden, so my friend made her a scarf.  Next year, we will choose our destination and then dress the paper dolls for the climate.

Some other places that our Flat Friends have been are; California, Arizona, Charlotte, NC (Home of the Carolina Panthers), Texas, Georgia, and Japan.  My friend in California took our Flat Friend to some exciting places. We got maps, brochures, and tons of pictures from California. He even got a chance to meet a Flat Stanley.  My sister took a Flat Friend with her to a real estate convention in Arizona.  He was very popular at the convention.  He was photographed with a group of super heroes and some "Things".  There was a request for our Flat Friend to start his own blog.  Another Flat Friend went to visit Cam Newton in Charlotte.  He returned with a letter, an autographed picture, and a fan card.  Our Friend who visited Japan, came back with postcards.  Our Friends who visited Texas and Georgia came back with pictures and post cards. We are still waiting for a few friends to return from West Virginia, Florida, Charlotte, and Belgium. I will be taking two Flat Friends with me to Disney World.

We will make a scrapbook after all of our Flat Friends return, and have a chance to be displayed. 

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