Monday, June 30, 2014

Updated Library Centers

Among my many projects this summer, one is to update some Library Centers that a good friend gave me.  She is hanging up her Librarian Hat and gave me some goodies.  Some of the goodies were some that she created or bought, but some were created long before she became a librarian.  After going through the goodies, I realized that some of the activities are very helpful, but they would not appeal to today's elementary students. 

So far, I have updated two versions of the Alphabetizing Author's Names.  I updated one for the Easy section and one for the Fiction section.   I want the students to be familiar with the alphabetical order of their favorite authors, so they can find books on the shelves.
Inside the folder
Oldies, but Goodies
Updated List of Authors  

I also updated the list of author names.  Students will recognize the new authors. 

21st Century Answer Key
I added a QR code answer key, but I also included the traditional answer key. You never know when the wifi might be down. Another reason for including the traditional answer key is currently we have one iPod for the students to use.  That leads me to another project that I will be working on - a Donors Choose project for an iPad.  Hopefully my first book fair will allow me to purchase one or two iPads also.

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