Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Make It to the Library

I knew that I wanted to get on the Makerspace wagon, but I wasn't sure about where to start.  During our district meetings, there was discussion about using what you already have.  I was okay with letting students create with discarded books, recycled materials, and art supplies.  I even had some old boxy computer monitors for the students to take apart and some Legos.
Pinwheels made from discarded book pages

After I took my granddaughter to a Maker Day at our public library, I couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities in our school library.

Determination became the word of the day.  I submitted a Donors Choose project and bugged my family and friends for about a week.  Donors Choose matched donations for a week and I wanted my family and friends to take advantage of that.  Then NEA matched the donations that were already there.  I didn't want to lose those funds so more pressure was put on my family and friends.  In exactly one week, my project was fully funded.  I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when the items came in just a few days.

My excitement escalated when the students didn't want to leave the library.  A few of the teachers wanted to stay also.  I would love to have Maker Mondays or Tinker Tuesdays a few times each school year.

More books will be added to the collection to reinforce the students' curiosity in relation to the new materials.  I am anxious to see how the new setup will effect the students' thinking and learning.

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