Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's the Scoop?

My first grade students love this creative writing activity. They pick a flower from each pot. The pots are labeled Who? When? Where? Problem/Goal, and Extra Details. I made the flowers in the individual pots the same color, so the students would know they need one of each color. The stem of the flower has information for the student to use in his or her writing. The students put the information on a graphic organizer, so they can work on it at their own pace. The stories turn out to be too cute and funny. One story was about me laying duck eggs at the beach.

Revamped for a Colleague
My Original "Flower Pots"
The idea was adapted from The Best of the Mailbox Writing for Grades 1-3. It was submitted by M.A. Murphy of Chicago, IL for grades 3-4. I couldn't think of a flower themed title for it, so I left it at What's the Scoop?

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