Thursday, April 14, 2011

Earth Day Projects

Our Spring Break starts Monday.  This week we have discussed Earth Day.  Students were asked to re-use items which they would normally throw away, to make something creative or useful.  A detailed letter was sent home with examples.  I also showed them some things that we have used all year long, that were made from recycled items.

I was impressed with the projects that the students and their families made.  One student had so much doing this project, that he did two projects.  The "wiener dog" is my favorite.  The telephone and rocket were fun for the whole class.  One student combined our plant unit and Earth Day with his flowerpot, fashioned from a formula can. Ink pens became the stems for some silk flowers.  The flowers were planted in some sand, in an altered water bottle.  A KFC box made perfect storage for post cards or index cards.
Cardboard tubes, a take-out box, water bottle, formula canister, soup cans, rope, and ink pens were re-used to make some creative and useful items.

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