Sunday, April 22, 2012

From Here to There

The Hot Seat
We finished our unit on transportation with a field trip to the NC Transportation Museum.  The students loved the train ride.  They learned about the first form of transportation. :)  We learned that one of the first cars was the originator of the phrase, " the hot seat."  The engine was under the driver's seat, and that made the seat hot.  That same car had a lever that the driver used instead of a steering wheel.  The students can tell you that Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine.
The Backseat Driver: The controls were in the back.

Our interactive bulletin board was created by using the My Community and Every Day Paper Dolls Cricut cartridges. A few pictures were included from our field trip also.  We counted the wheels on the forms of transportation and made a line plot.  Later we will use the line plot to answer some questions.  We will also sort the transportation by whether it travels by air, land, or water.

Disappearing Wheel Barrow :)

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