Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Job Title Means New Blog Title

The "Waiting Game" is over.  I am now the media specialist for our school.  Although the previous media specialist tried to convince me that she wears tiny shoes, I know that I have some big shoes to fill.  I am so excited, but nervous because there are so many things to learn. 

I have been trying to get rid of stuff and pack up for the big move.  I can't believe that I kept some bulletin boards, but didn't have pictures of them.  I'm sure that I took pictures, but they must have been saved on our old, discarded desktops.  Here's one of the bulletin boards that I kept. 

Since I'll be the media specialist, I'll be integrating math, science, and social studies with the stories that I'll read. Tops and Bottoms made our plant unit really fun, when I did it about three years ago.  The students labeled the vegetable parts, made a graph, and wrote about their favorite plant parts to eat. I was able to save the bulletin board, because it was done in three different sections. I have already started "pinning" ideas to use as a media specialist. 

Now, what would be a good title for my blog?  I will mostly blog about and share examples of how I integrate different subjects with popular children's stories. I will also blog about how the students use technology for some of the activities.  I don't want to change the blog address, because I've done that before, and lost several followers. I'm open for suggestions about a title and post ideas.

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