Friday, July 13, 2012

Coin Poem Poster

In order to make sure that my first graders were able to identify and know the value of coins, I usually use play money as part of my classroom management.  This year I decided to use the clip chart management system, at the beginning of school.   After Christmas, I integrated play money with the clip chart management system.  Several students had a difficult time with counting their money, so I needed something to help them.  We memorized the Coin Poem which I found on Pinterest.  I sent copies of the poem home with the students too.
Coin Poem
Someone had given me some extra large coins from Dollar Tree.  I already had the star border, also from Dollar Tree.  After I glued everything onto yellow bulletin board paper,  it was still missing something.  I found some coin stickers in my sticker drawer.  My Dollar Tree border turned into an original border.

I found my students using the poster throughout the year. They also reminded each other to use the poster when they noticed a classmate having trouble.  I only wish I had thought of it sooner.  Although I will not be using this type of behavior management in the media center, I thought it would helpful for other teachers.

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