Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving In

Thanks to my niece and her friend, we were able to move my junk treasures to the media center. No need for Zumba when you're moving six years worth of teaching materials to another part of campus. We really got a work-out.

This week I have been busy unpacking and setting up the media center.  I never realized there were so many little closets and storage areas in the media center.  The school Cricut and laminator have been hot - figuratively and literally. I was able to take several "before" pictures, but only one "after" picture.  The custodian had to put me out. Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

I didn't like looking at the back of the bookcase through the window.  With bulletin board paper and my Locker Talk Cricut cartridge, it looks better. I'll add a quote or use it to display rules. The poster will stay for now. 
This unused Room is the new home for the Cricut and Book Hospital.

This is one of the small closets.  Right now it holds some outdated technology and decorations. It will probably be used for decorations and props, once the techy stuff is removed.  There's another small closet across the room, which is mostly used to store Book Fair set-up items.

I am in the process of re-doing the bulletin board and windows on this wall. Instead of doing a theme, I'm using blues, yellow, and green dots to decorate.  It will be easier to work polka-dots into the Book Fair themes.  The PBIS window will remain, but with my polka-dot color theme.  The "Library Star" board will be used for an "Author Study" or theme.

I will only work one or two days next week.  I would like to take a mini vacation before the teacher work days start.


  1. I am your newest follower, love your blog! Good luck with your new position

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I hope you'll find it helpful.