Sunday, August 26, 2012


Cari at The Centered School Library made me think, "How can my library space be used more effectively?"  I had several windows that I covered because I didn't like looking into a storage room, my office, and a kitchenette.  I didn't know what I was going to display on these make-shift bulletin boards. Cari's post put things into perspective for me.  My library space is my "co-teacher" and should be used in a way that students will benefit.
Super 3 Posters

Dewey Decimal Posters

There is one cork bulletin board that I decided to use as a theme board. The Library Vocabulary board will be interactive. Students will write definitions for library vocabulary, in their own words.  I will choose a few to display.  PBIS board also includes our matrix for expected behaviors in different areas of the school.  It will not change throughout the year.   
Letters from a 1st Grade Class after reading, The Librarian From the Black Lagoon, in their class

Since this picture was taken, the matrix was added.

Some Daily 5 components will be used in the library.  Students are already looking for "Good Fit" books. Once I have met with each class, I will display the "Good Fit" anchor chart near the circulation desk.

I'm going to move this Genre set to a more prominent spot.  Right now the set is in a corner.  I will put a fun quote in it's place.
I am anxious to find out how others are using their library spaces as a co-teacher.


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