Friday, August 30, 2013

The 70's Called...

The library was "overdue" for a makeover.  The orange counter tops and light blue cabinets had to go.  The walls needed a fresh look too.  Even the posters were outdated.  You may remember an earlier post, My Dream Library.  It's finally starting to become a reality (at least close to reality).
The 70's Want Their Counters Back

A Quick Fix

An answer to my prayer came when a friend contacted me, and asked if my school had any projects for her Eagle Scout son. With the help of his mom, dad, girlfriend, and two other scouts, we brought the library into the 21st Century.

Already Looking Better



I'm still putting things back together.  With a very small budget, I'm recycling, using the Cricut, and using Dollar Tree finds to decorate. 

I really wanted to cut the old encyclopedias into letters to spell out fiction and nonfiction. For now the encyclopedias are covered with adhesive shelf liner from Dollar Tree and duct tape.  The crate seats were covered with paw print fabric which I had cut out to make my sister's dog a dog bed (The dog left with the ex.).  The crate seats will hold stuffed animals and puppets for students to read to. :)

Instead of painting the teacher work spaces, I used the "granite" adhesive shelf liner and duct tape to make the 70's disappear.
New Granite Counters
We were not able to install new laminate counters, per maintenance department.  We sanded, primed, and painted/covered the counters instead.  The doors will remain closed to the kitchenettes.  They still have orange counters.

More pictures will be added soon.

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